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Boaonda® footwear’s signature striking colours, gloss rubber texture, laser cut designs and advanced comfort has been the key to their global success. They are adventurous and full of colour, ready to take you places as far as your feet can carry you! Each pair of Boaonda® footwear is made in Brazil and are designed to be adapted for every global environment, offering comfort and durability for any wearer. The anatomical removable foot beds or insoles which are shock absorbent return to their original form after wear once taken off, reducing discomfort on sensitive pressure points. Each inner sole is brightly decorated with patterns designed by Boaonda® to add personality to each pair of shoes. To combine fashion forward looks, all day comfort, quality and well-being is Boaonda®’s vision. Place your feet into a pair and discover for yourself that you won’t want to take them off, ever!