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Viky Wilson, VIKO’s visionary, is an Argentinean artist from Buenos Aires and has 12 years experience working with glass as an art form. Wilson has used this as inspiration in applying her techniques to creating elegant jewellery pieces working from two studios, one located in her homeland and one in Valencia Spain. VIKO explores the communication between different materials, how a mixture of elements can create texture and timeless pieces. VIKO’s elements include the smooth gloss of hand crafted glass beads, contrasted with natural leather, the durability and strength of curved mesh and the shine of sterling silver. Sterling silver is featured on the claps of necklaces and on earring hooks. Wilson’s style contrasts modern aesthetics with a South American twist. Each necklace is handcrafted and unique, just as every person is unique. Viky Wilson shows with each piece the possibilities of beauty through simplicity and complimenting elements, how this exudes individuality to those who choose to wear it.