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From the tall, slender Acai palm trees found around the Amazon River basin of South America, to the urban landscape of Melbourne’s streets, Acai berries are a presence in the modern world that is loved by all. Traditionally the berries have been used as a powerful Antioxidant to aid sickness and empower wellbeing, when fresh they are at the most powerful and have a reminiscent flour of wild berries and chocolate. We have captured the beauty of an Acai berry all the way from the Amazon, in a form which the berry can live an even longer life. Transforming the perishable berry into beautiful Jewellery, the power & beauty of the Acai can be enjoyed by anyone who choices to wear it. The Acai berries are hand picked and crafted by indigenous populations of Brazil, Peru & Colombia, then dried and dyed in vibrant colours to suit every individual’s style and personality. The strength power of Acai berries can be worn, and offer healing properties while being a beautiful focal point. Single strands can be doubled, tripled, knotted or even worn as a bracelet and by using three strands the necklaces can be worn in over 30 different ways.