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Melko's Favourites Are On Sale NOW!
Melko's Favourites Are On Sale NOW!



At Melko, we emphasise ethical manufacturing and production principles to encourage environmental sustainability and ensure that workers are protected from unsafe workplace conditions and exploitation. 

As an Australian company with strong ties to South America, we personally select all of our suppliers to ensuring that these companies and brands employ safe and fair workplace conditions.

Melko is committed to working with companies who prioritize fairness and sustainability like us.

We guarantee high quality, unique garments and accessories from our principle suppliers in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru. 

We love to support smaller labels are and strive to support and stimulate the Australian economy as well as many overseas economies. 

All of our collections offer a genuine representation of South American Flair in addition to being high quality and fun.

We are proud to bring South American fashion and flair to the Melbourne & Australia’s fashion scene with an emphasis on sustainable and ethical practices.  





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