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Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte is a relatively unknown city near the centre of Brazil. Nearly forty years ago it was mostly a stop over town in between Oscar Niemeyer’s newly built Brazilian capital Brasilia and former capital city Rio de Janeiro. Fast forward to 2006 and Brazil’s booming economy at the time, propelled two Belo Horizontines forward... Plural creators : Glaucia Froes & Leticia Leão’s careers. Both designers were customizing and upcycling clothes from their family’s factory to a higher and higher demand from women who needed something that suited them for whom they were. This meant creating lasting, timeless designs that would transcend the unsustainable consumption practices of fast-fashion. The niche They found a niche: powerful women who needed personalised items. As their popularity increased, they noticed that most of the pieces customised were from materials and shapes that the industry had recently snubbed. Glaucia & Leticia designed a small collection with one thing in mind: to make sure that all their pieces would fit their clientele with no exclusions, no limitations and above all, that they achieved an effortless simplicity. Thus, Plural Threads was conceived. Style avec personality. Plural Threads’ fabrics fuse comfort and versatility with effortless ease using statement prints and luxury materials. In 2013 Plural Threads launched at the prestigious Minas Fashion Week Parade. In 2015 it reached our shores in Australia via Melbourne and now it is in over 30 stores across Australia.